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The UnExtraordinaries explore a shared passion for Personal & Professional Development, Mental Health, and Sport & Charity through regular engaging content, to help drive brand development and support the community however we can.

“TUE is a constant reminder to myself that we never stop learning about ourselves and what we can achieve. Our potential is limited only by our perseverance and willingness to strive for success.”


– Tim Proudlock – entrepreneur, athlete, gamer
and Founder of The UnExtraordinaries

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Personal &

Self-improvement, at work and at home, is crucial to achieving your dreams and finding peace and satisfaction in your daily life. We provide coaching, guidance, tips, and support to help you get where you want to go and find long-term success.

Mental Health

A positive mental state is one of your most valuable tools to achieving happiness and success. Our network of creators are on hand to discuss their own struggles and experiences in a welcoming community, with a focus on positivity and empowerment through shared understanding.

Sport & Charity

The intersection of physical activity and the betterment of those around us is a fantastic place to help yourself and the community. Finding the right fundraising venture and setting appropriate goals are crucial to success. We are actively involved in this space, and eager to share practical, relatable knowledge and guidance.

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Tim has played a very important role in my career. He is highly professional and knowledgeable and has provided valuable guidance and feedback to help me reach personal and corporate objectives. Not only did he inspire me in my career, he has also encouraged me to be active in charity and sport events.


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TP on trails - what I think about when running