(Re)Defining a Routine with Personal and Professional Development

The world is not going to go back to how it was … we can only learn from the past and push forward. I have found that personal development comes

Bringing Depression to the Table

I was diagnosed as Bipolar when I was 23.   It took me another four or five years to get to where I was not only comfortable talking about it,

Unextraordinary attempting the extraordinary – How to tackle challenges and carry on

Anyone who knows me, or follows me on social media, will know that I have been involved in trail running and other endurance events since moving to Hong Kong more

You are what you eat

If we are what we eat, then I’m definitely a taco or a pizza… Recently, I took on the challenge of improving my diet, in the lead-up to my 4

Dealing with injuries

I don’t always treat my body as well as I should, and often push myself too hard. I discovered late into my running career that an equal balance between fitness

What I think about when I’m actually running

I’ve been running endurance races for almost 10 years, during which time I’ve competed in international races all over Asia, including trail runs, triathlons and obstacle course races (including one